How to Build a Cheap Litecoin/Cryptocurrency Mining Rig, Part 4: FAQ, Tips, and Tricks


1. How many Kilohashes a second do one of these rigs get?

It varies a lot on the model and who manufactured it, but pretty much all of the cards can be configured to get at least 650Kh/s. Most are around the 725Kh/s range. The highest I’ve seen is 800Kh/s.

2. How many Litecoins can I expect to get from one of these?

In my tests, using the give-me-coins pool, I get one Litecoin about ever four days. Its not huge, but you do make money and it is a fun experiment. A more accurate calculator can be found here.

3. How can I store my rig?

Store your rig in a dry, relatively clean area. At the same time make sure that the area isn’t too hot to avoid overheating. Make sure that there is a clear path for air to come into your GPU and power supply fans, and leave the exhaust unobstructed. 

4. Are these things noisy?

Somewhat, yes. You can definitely hear it if you are in the same room. I would’t want to try to sleep in the same room as one of these things. You should be fine if you store it anywhere else though.

5. Can I use wi-fi as opposed to ethernet on my mining rig?

Yes! You will, however have to buy a separate ethernet adapter. You also want to make sure that it is reliable and doesn’t glitch often.

6. Can these rigs mine currencies besides Litecoins?

Yes! However they will probably only be efficient with scrypt currencies because of ASICs.

Tips and Tricks

  • Most of our parts are available on Amazon. You can get free two-day shipping on all items for 30 days by signing up for the Amazon Prime Free Trial (Be sure to cancel before it is over so you don’t have to pay for it!)
  • You can some free LTC (fractions) here (not one of those ad sites).

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